Here's how we can turn R1,000 of your money into R5,160 in just 30 days

And the best part is we made this 516% return in 30 days for less than 10 minutes' work per week. We'll reveal exactly HOW we did it in a moment, and how you can make SERIOUS money like this too.

"If you've got a cell phone, and you want to win R500... R1,000... R5,000... every month from sports betting, you need to read the next few pages very carefully... We're looking for a small number of people to start getting our "insider" SMS messages in the next couple of days... And start cashing-in right away!"

What The Winning Streak members have to say about our service.

"I started with a small capital fund of R5000 split amongst the 5 bookie accounts as suggested when I started around 10 Weeks ago.

I have managed to make this a total pool of around R22000 and have just paid for my December cruise to Mauritius because of this, so I am back to my initial pool of R5000 and when I first started, my point stake was only R50 per point, but after 2 weeks, I increased this to R100 per point, and have never gone over R200 per point since I started to get these gains that I have experienced so far.

Thank you all of you at The Winning Streak." ~ N.G.


"Hi Guys

I just recently joined “the winning streak” team.

Great results so far!

Lost my first bet through my own stupidity... Did not play exactly like you tipped. Maybe a bit too excited?

Played four of your bets so far and won on three! Would have been four if I didn’t stuff up the first one.

I have another three bets pending and will know the outcome tomorrow.

My gains thus far is 76% (including my loss) 

Thanks team……keep the tips coming!

Kind regards Dirk"


Dear Reader,

To make R5,000 a month from sports betting, you don't need to spend hours in a bookies' shop, or every spare minute glued to your computer screen or TV at home.

You could be anywhere...

The fruit and veg aisle at Pick 'n Pay... in a restaurant with your friends... at the park with your kids... or out shopping with your other half on a Saturday morning...

All you have to do is listen out for your cell phone to beep... read our simple SMS message...

Then get your bet on... and that's it.

Check the results when you get back home and watch as your account gets updated with another R500... R1,000... R5,000... or more!

This won't happen 'once-in-a-while'...

At times we’ll send you 2 or 3 SMS’s in a single day!

Each one will be an "insider tip" - a gilt-edged chance for you to profit from BIG!

...and make HUNDREDS of rands, TAX-FREE, every week!

We’re constantly in touch with the markets because very often it pays to get in early.

We find you the best value plays so you get the best deal available. And we put our money where our mouths are.

We’ve made our members a serious amount of money. And now we can do the same for you.

Check out this example…

Case Study 1 – “The Sports' Desk turns R1,000 into R5,160 for less than 10 minutes’ ‘work’"

On the 2nd of April, we sent out an email and SMS saying, “Single Bet: Murray to win his next Tennis matches.” Bet 2 points.

This bet turned R1,000 into R1,600.

Later that day, we sent an email and SMS saying, “we will be backing Hingis/Mirza to win doubles in the Tennis match” Bet 2 points on Hingis/Mirza to win.

This bet turned R1,000 into R1,550.

The following week, we sent yet another email and SMS, saying, “Bet 3 points on Errani and Keys to win their next tennis matches.” Bet 3 points on Errani and Keys to win.

This one turned R1,500 into another R2,085.

The next day, we sent an email and SMS, saying, “Lions to win their next Rugby match” Bet 2 points.

This bet turned R1,000 into R2,260

The very next week, we sent an email and SMS saying, "Bet 2 points on Krajinovic and Delbonis to win their next Tennis matches." And they did.

This bet turned R1,000 into R1,690.

Later that day  we sent an email and SMS saying, "Bulls to win their next Rugby match." Bet 2 points 

This bet turned R1,000 into R2,000.

On the 22nd we sent an email and SMS saying, "Ghem and Rola to win their next Tennis match" Bet 2 points

This bet turned R1,000 into R1,530.

But let's take the exact same scenario above, and consider this:

You start off with R1,000 in your account and roll your initial R1,000 stake so that you bet the 'same' R1,000 on each new bet...

Had you done that (time permitting), you would only have physically put down R1,000.

The result: You would have turned R1,000 into R5,160 – an amazing 516% return.


  Sign Me Up Straight Away!

Turn R1,000 into R5,160 every month!

There’s no magic formula. Just because we'd bothered to do a bit of research. All our statistics pointed to us making these profits!

We do all the research - going over every fixture, bet by bet. Matching-up ALL the teams’ data to identify the most rock-solid, ‘bankable’ information.

Now, we don’t claim that all our tips will win 100% of the time, BUT our system has proven to make our members substantial profits…

Can YOU imagine winning R5,160 in just 30 days?

What would you do with it all?

Treat your family to a holiday? Pay off your bond? Put down a deposit on a new car? Sock it away in the bank?

Would you believe me if I told you that making this cash wasn't difficult at all?

99.9% of regular people won’t spot these opportunities to make fast, big money - let alone be able to act on them. Sign-up straight away!

But with our help - YOU could.

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All our members needed to unlock these gains in one month was a cell phone!

Have YOU got a cell phone? Or what about an email address? Do you like the idea of winning money, easily and regularly... profiting from our knowledge and research?

If so, we'd like to offer you the chance to join our "Winning StreakSMS and email sports betting service. Apply today and we guarantee you'll be in the next intake - and you'll start receiving our tips by SMS shortly after you apply you apply.

We'll even let you follow our tips for 30 days RISK-FREE, you'll be able to see that our insider knowledge will definitely put money in your bank account...

And I'll let you have a go at this even if you've never placed a bet before in your life!
Bet like a professional with two taps of your thumb...

You don't have to have any experience of, or interest in, sports to join our Winning Streak service.

The only thing you need is your cell phone, switched on and charged up.

We tell you exactly where to go to place your bets and even how many points you should bet.

There is no work on your part - except going online or phoning the bookie and placing your bets.

  Sign Me Up Straight Away!

The whole process takes ten minutes, TOPS

Most bookies have a phone betting service - so with one tap of your thumb you can be reading our SMS message and with another you can be speed-dialling your bookie.

Even better: many modern cell phones have built in access to the Internet - so you can receive my SMS's then place your bets INSTANTLY online no matter where you are! And we’ll even send you a “back up” email – just to make certain you get our tips. We want you to be able to act on the information straight away.

You can be up the side of Table Mountain... Or sipping cocktails at the Westcliffe... And still make a killing on the day's sports betting markets!

We've designed this service to be SUPER QUICK to ensure that you ALWAYS get the best price on your bets - which means more in your pocket - and so you can make lighting fast profits from sports betting...

Your friends won't have a clue how you're doing it!

And you NEVER have to tell them - if you don't want to.

This service is 100% discreet. It's as easy as us whispering the winners in your ear. There's no complicated software to install... No thumping manual will crash onto your doormat... There's no printed newsletter to wade through every month.

And this ISN'T a do-it-yourself "how to bet" course.

The way it works is simple: We tell you the bets to put on and you make them.

What you stake is up to you. This is a straight down the line tipping service.

And a major opportunity for YOU - as we’re about to explain!

There’s more than R20-MILLION a week sloshing around in the hands of amateurs: we’ll help you grab a nice big share of it!

Greedy bookmakers want to offer more and more markets these days, particularly in sports like football, rugby league and union, cricket and tennis. The days of betting on one team to beat another are gone… You can now even bet on how much a team will beat the other by (handicap betting).

With all this money sloshing about, the betting industry has become insanely competitive: the more markets you can offer as a bookie, the more chance you have of opening more accounts - and that’s the real prize.

  Sign Me Up Straight Away!

FACT: Only 2% of sports bettors make money in the long run!

A lot of Sports Bettors can have one or two lucky strikes, but if they don’t make use of a system that works, they will end up losing in the long run.

If you really want to make money from sports betting - the people you SHOULD be joining are the elite 2% that are banking profits week after week…

Today we would like to shatter a few betting myths… And share with you a PROVEN way to make money from betting on sports…

It’s NOT by betting on the ‘top teams’ to win every week.

It’s NOT by chasing that one huge payout

It’s NOT by knowing a lot about sports.

Case Study 2 – “6 tennis match wins in a row - Now THAT'S what we call a Winning Streak!”

In the first 25 days of September 2015, the Winning Streak Sports Desk sent out 6 winning tennis bets in a row. 

The Winning Streak Sports Desk called all 6 of these tennis matches in a row correctly, to win 6 straight tennis bets.

If you too had been there to receive our tips, and you placed an equal amount of money on each of these bets during the streak, you would have made 652% on your money.

That means you would have turned R1,000 into R6,520 in just over a month.

  Sign Me Up Straight Away!

So who is the ‘Winning Streak Sports Desk'?

We are a team of highly clued-up punters. It took us years to develop a winning sports betting system which enabled us to make up to 73.76% profits per month. We pride ourselves on our skill, knowledge and dedication in identifying and punting these value opportunities.

You might be wondering, “How is this possible”?

It’s not complicated, or particularly clever. Certainly not rocket science.

Simply this:

All our bets are based purely on actual match statistics and analysis.

No opinions… no emotion… no luck involved.

Just cold, hard PROVEN data.

It's like getting a salary and NEVER having to go into the office - can you imagine that?

Today we're offering you the chance to grab some of this easy cash as well!

That's right - with us identifying these value opportunities and quickly tipping you off, YOU can make a nice weekly profit from sports betting too…

We scour the markets every day looking for profit opportunities - and after years in this game, we can spot them instantly. Then we send an SMS and email to our small group of eager members, telling them to stick their money on straight away...

But if you want 'in', you'd better act FAST: Places are strictly limited and when our publisher says the offer is closed - the doors will SLAM SHUT!

Imagine the excitement you'll feel when our SMS messages start arriving on your phone... with each "beep" you'll know we've spotted another chink in the bookies' armour you can exploit to make a nice satisfying profit!

Think of the effect that an extra R500 - R5,000 a week could have on your bond... the type of car you drive... your kids' education... or the kind of holidays you take...

Imagine the looks of bewilderment and envy on the faces of your neighbours - none of whom will have a CLUE how you can suddenly afford this new lifestyle!

Let them think what they want.

  Sign Me Up Straight Away!

There's nothing immoral or illegal about what you're doing...

This is YOUR chance to benefit from our unbeatable expertise...

Our 'points' system lets you bet as much or as little as you like!

For all our tips we use a 'points' system - recommending a stake of between 1 and 10 points for each bet. 1 'point' can be worth as much or as little as you like - literally from R10 up to R1,000, or more!

But there is nothing to stop you upping or lowering stakes as time goes on - it's entirely up to you.

And our Winning Streak SMS and email tips couldn't be easier to understand...

Every tip we send you will include all the details of the bet - including the event, the bet, the odds, the stake and recommended bookies.

They will look something like this:

TWS Bet #959

Bet: SB (single bet)

Outcome to win: Bulls

Bookies: World Sports Betting (WSB)

Odds: 9/20

Stake: 3 points

Ends: 05 March 2016, 15h00


The Winning Streak Sports Desk

  Sign Me Up Straight Away!

We're expecting ALL the open places to be snapped
up FAST!

It looks like you’ve timed it just about right to join The Winning Streak!

If you want to start making money every week from our legwork, we’ll be frank: you couldn’t have picked a better time…

We’re only looking for serious individuals who fancy making big profits from sports betting. We’ll help those people make between R500 and R5,000 EVERY MONTH even if they’ve never placed a bet before in their life.

If this sounds exciting to you, we need to hear from you quickly... But we also need you to keep a lid on it! We need your assurance that this will be between us.

Remember - the more people that try to bet with us, the more difficult it will be to get on at the prices we find... and the easier it will be for the bookies to notice something's wrong. If you're with us, we expect complete discretion.

We’re pretty sure that once you start seeing the money come in you'll be happy to keep this under your hat; that's all we ask: make as much cash as you want, just don't go blabbing about how you did it!

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Here's what you'll get as a member of 
The Winning Streak!

If you're one of our new members, here's what you'll get:

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"The best sports betting service available!"

"I've been following The Winning Streak Sports Desk for a while now, and I’m STILL amazed to see the level of devotion they give to their work… And the consistency of their results."

"That's why I believe these guys are the best sports betting tipsters working in the world today - bar NONE - and I've seen hundreds.

"And it's why I'm delighted to publish their Winning Streak service - and happy to underwrite their full, unconditional 30-day money back guarantee - it's a chance for you to see how well their tips perform before committing financially to the service.

"So I say to you: please think very carefully indeed about taking this opportunity to join the Winning Streak while it's being offered.

"If you've ever wanted to make easy money from sports betting, this is your golden opportunity!"

- Annabel Koffman - Publisher

  Sign Me Up Straight Away!

Join now and get 30 RISK-FREE DAYS to put us to
the test!

We’re very proud of our track record - we know it stands up incredibly well. As do our current members - many of whom have freely contributed testimonials to this letter.

We’re confident that as long as you act when you get our SMS’, our tips will put money into your bank account EVERY WEEK... But we'd like the opportunity to prove that to you: we don't expect you to sign up today on the basis of past results alone.

That's why we're prepared to give you 30 days membership RISK-FREE where you see how we do with your own eyes before you decide whether to commit to monthly membership of The Winning Streak.

  Sign Me Up Straight Away!

That's a whole month to try our service out without risking a SINGLE CENT!

Our publishers at Fleet Street Publications have agreed to offer a risk-free guarantee for the first 30-days giving you plenty of time to paper trade our tips to see how well (or badly) we do.

In that time you'll receive our FULL service - every SMS message and every weekly email - you'll also get the welcome pack and free e-book (yours to keep, whatever happens.) It's up to you: put your money on if you want - or if you don't feel confident, simply watch the results and see if we’re right.

And here's the deal:

If during those 30 days you're not 100% CONVINCED The Winning Streak Sports Desk's tips can make you regular profits from sports betting, simply get back in touch and we’ll refund you and you can simply walk away.

You have to agree that's fair!

  Sign Me Up Straight Away!

So how much would an  easy to use sports betting SMS alert service, that can make you an extra R500-R5,000 a month, be worth to you?

Seriously: What would you pay for highly clued up punters with a proven track record to tell you what to bet on - and make you quick profits every week?

The information we'll SMS to you every week could be worth around an extra R5,000 to R20,000 a month, TAX-FREE... wouldn't that come in handy?

Well get this: Membership of our The Winning Streak service costs just R3,240 a year.

That's around R8.70 a day... less than the price of a cup of coffee! That's pretty generous when you think what you could be making every week from this...

Does that sound reasonable to you?

Do you want to be one of our The Winning Streak members?

Well then you know what to do - and you'd better be quick smart about it!

  Sign Me Up Straight Away!

Why don't you let us whisper the winners in YOUR ear?

And you could be making big profits EVERY WEEK!

Now - unless you know exactly what to look for, you can ONLY make this kind of money with our help. We know exactly what we're looking for and we'll text you instantly and tell you exactly what you need to do to capitalise. Just make sure your phone's on and charged up!

Bottom line: you could make between R500 and R5,000 a week from acting on our betting tips.

We’re talking about life changing money here...

Right then, it's over to you. If you want to start getting our personal SMS and email messages and cashing - in on expert sports betting advice - by this weekend, simply return the application form that's on the back cover of this letter.

Places are strictly limited - and once our publishers decide enough is enough, the doors to The Winning Streak will be closed for the foreseeable future. There will be no exceptions.

If you're unsuccessful, we'll put you on a priority waiting list and let you know when a place becomes available.

But if you want to avoid the heartache of missing out, you know what to do! We look forward to hearing from you.


  Sign Me Up Straight Away!

 Best regards,

The FSP Sports Desk
The Winning Streak

P.S: If you've ever wanted to make good money from sports betting, this is probably the best chance you'll ever get... to claim your 30-day risk free, fill in your online application form below TODAY! 

Secure Order Form

Secure Order Form

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With The Winning Streak.

You’ll get:

• An electronic Winning Streak Rule Book explaining how everything works: We’ll show you how the odds system works, so you never miss a single bet! It’s filled with information that’ll help you start betting on a winning note! Once you make your first string of profits, you’ll be hooked.

• You’ll also receive a free electronic report, The Bookmakers Insider, which will give you all the information to start betting straight away – see the special offers we’ve negotiated for you and sign up with the recommended bookmakers!

• Educational tips and our thoughts: In addition to email tips, we’ll send you weekly emails updating you on recent results and occasionally include additional educational tips to give you a better understanding on special aspects of sports betting. Read our members’ only weekly email and you’ll know what to expect when your phone “beeps”!

Our risk-free 30 day guarantee – If for any reason you’re not 100% elated with the profits you’ve made – and the support you’ve received – let us know at any time in the first 30 days, and we’ll refund every single cent of your purchase – no questions asked.

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